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Product Specifications

  • Part Number: Q25PHCPU
  • Type: CPU Module
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Series: Q Series
  • Our part number: Q25PHCPU
  • Description: Q Process CPU module, 252k step memory, 34ns per instruction, multi processor capability
  • Height (mm): 98
  • Width (mm): 27.4
  • Depth (mm): 89.3
  • Weight (kg): 0.2

Information about this range

  • Q CPU modules available as single & multi processor
  • RS232C interface for easy programming & monitoring
  • Integrated flash ROMs for memory operation
  • Processing the inputs & outputs with refresh mode
  • Q02HCPU & upwards have a USB interface
  • Floating point arithmetic according to IEEE 754
  • Mathematical functions such as angle/exponential functions & logarithm
  • Q Process CPUs offer:
  • Simplified control & engineering
  • Extensive loop control
  • High speed loop control
  • Hot-swap module replacement in run mode
  • Works with CCLink IE, MELSECNET/H for multiplex remote I/O system
  • Loop control & sequence control with 1 CPU
  • Use with isolated analogue modules, ideal for process control
  • Smoothed analogue input value

What is System Q?

  • System Q, a modular PLC system
  • Communication hub connecting to fieldbus or data networks
  • Multi CPU solutions on a single backplane
  • Solutions can include PLC, Motion, Robots, NC, PC & Process CPUs
  • Integration with HMI, Soft HMI through to SCADA & OPC
  • MES & web server modules
  • Redundancy options for both PLC hardware & networks
  • Pulse catch & interrupt modules
  • Communication modules
  • Network modules
  • Digital input/output modules
  • Analogue input/output modules
  • Positioning modules


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