FX2N-USB-BD USB interface Board for FX2N PLC

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Manual of FX2N-USB-BDInterface Board


    FX2N-USB-BD is the USB interface board of Mitsubishi FX2N Series PLC, after the PLC installed on the interface board it will expand a USB port, so that it can facilitate the computer's USB interface connector, through installed on your computer.The driver will be converted to traditional USB interface of the serial port (usually COM3), so as to the use of the various existing software programming and monitoring software.

Characteristics and technical indicators: 
● support FX2N-USB-BD operating system: Windows98/2000/XP 
● support FX2N-USB-BD programming software version: FXGP / WIN V3.0, GPP V4.0, GX Developer V7.0 and above 
● fully compatible with standard USB V2.0 
● PLC port since the power supply, current consumption of about 30 mA 
● baud rate: 300 bps ~ 1Mbps automatically adapt to the standard baud rate 
● support UART data format: data bits: 7 bit, 8bit, stop bit: 1, 2, check-bit: odd / even / no parity 
● USB cable to allow maximum length of five meters 
● temperature: -20 ~ +75 ℃

How to use: 
FX2N-USB-BD installation method reference FX2N-422-BD. 
FX2N-USB-BD need to install USB device drivers to use, these drivers are included in the sale of the CD-ROM products, the installation CD-ROM drivers please see the instructions on documentation, it is not nessary to repeat them here. 
    Driver installation is complete, in the Windows Device Manager will appear FX2N-USB-BD corresponding COM mouth, just in the programming of software or other software applications, select the COM interface, other communications parameters using the default settings, The next use are the same identical to the traditional cable programming.

1, when using FX2N-USB-BD,please don’t change any communication format or parameters, ensure that communication format for the initial state (D8120 = 0). If the communication format or parameters (D8120) is set, will not be able to communication.At this time,it need other external equipment such as SC-09 cable connecting the computer programming and PLC programming interface will be cleared D8120, and power PLC after cut the power. 
2, ensure that the RS, VRRD or VRSC instructions or N: N network setup program is not in the process, if used, it should be deleted, and PLC power after cut the power. 
3, if the special auxiliary relay M8070 or M8071 1, with its external equipment will be cleared and electricity after a power-PLC.

Each package contains the following annexes: 
FX2N-USB-BD interface board one
CD-ROM of USB driver one
USB A-B cable (2 meters) one
Self-tapping screws three

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