FX2N-485-BD+ Isolated RS485 interface board for Mitsubishi FX2N

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FX2N-485-BD+ Anti-lightning photoelectric Isolated RS485 interface boards for Mitsubishi FX2N PLC

    FX2N-485-BD + is a development of our Company which is anti-lightning photoelectric Isolated RS485 interface board for Mitsubishi FX2N PLC series, to replace the Mitsubishi similar non-isolated interface boards FX2N-485-BD, the product was in the original Non-isolated interface boards on the basis of an increase of anti-lightning protection circuits and optoelectronic isolation circuit, the same as the remaining functions and use of all the original non-isolated products, FX2N-485-BD + particularly suitable for use in the following 

● interfere with the more serious occasions, such as communication with the converter. 
● RS485 node of the common mode voltage high-damaged communications mouth occasions. 
● communication lines vulnerable to lightning occasions, such as overhead lines, not to wear metal tube lines of communication. 
● need for long-distance signal transmission of occasions. 
● safety specifications of the communication must be isolated occasions, such as wells and underground coal mine communications, flammable and explosive chemicals, and other occasions.

Technical details: 
● isolation voltage: 1000 VDC (up to 3000 VDC, orders required statement) 
● built-in anti-lightning surge protection, repeatability surge capacity: Ipp = 100A (10/700us, 4KV) 
Meet standards: ITU-TK20/21, VDE 0433. ± 15KV ESD (electrostatic) protection 
● baud rate: 0 ~ 115.2 Kbps Adaptive 
● greatest distance: 2,000 meters (9.6 Kbps), 1,200 meters (115.2 Kbps) 
● communication lines: sectional area of 0.3 mm2 over unshielded twisted pair 
● send and receive data with the indicator light 
● temperature: -40 ~ +85 ℃

How to use FX2N-485-BD +: 
    The same with Isolation of the FX2N-485-BD + interface boards and the use of non-isolated FX2N-485-BD exactly, please refer to manual of Mitsubishi FX2N-485-BD, no repeat them here.

φ3 self-tapping screws 3 
330 Europe, 1 / 4 W terminal resistance 2 
120 Europe, 1 / 4 W resistors a terminal 
Station No. 1 label version (16 points)

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