About Us

Our company is a professional industry related company.
Our main business:
(1)Resell well known brand original PLC, HMI, Inverter, Servo, Sensor and etc, such as Siemens, Mitsubishi,Proface,Weinview and etc.
(2)Produce S7-200,300 Compatible Expansion Module and power supply.
(3)Produce Profibus connector and cable.
(4)Produce PLC,HMI,Servo,Inverter Cable and Adapter for many brands.
(5)Produce Sensor, Encoder.
(6)Produce IPC.
(7)Produce Industrial Robot.
Our products mainly exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other countries, such as UK, France,U.S.A, Canada,Portugal,Australia,New Zealand,Saudi Arabia,Turkey,Egypt,Libya,Singapore,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka etc.Excellent Quality, competitive price, Perfect Service is our long-term target and sincerely promise to all customers and the society.


We start our business as a small electrical shop in the year 2002.


Since 2003, we start to join automation project, such as Constant pressure water supply, photovoltaic engineering, water treatment and etc.


With the development of China's economy, many machine factor require automation upgrade, we start to sell OEM control box since the year 2004.


As we sell more and more automation parts, some well known brands ask us to begin agent since the year 2005.



More and more engineers join our company.



In the year 2008, we establish a new department, over-seas department.



We begin to develop industrial robots since 2014, we think we will begin a great automation company in the future.